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By clicking that you accept our terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement which is a valid and binding agreement between Geco Loco Ltd, Ireland and You, the user, for the use of the Cue Software. You are agreeing to the use of electronic communication to place orders, enter into contracts and to receive updates on Cue software.

By accepting these conditions You are agreeing to using Cue for your own personal or commercial use as an online communications platform.


Cue is committed to respecting Your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data. However You acknowledge when entering into this agreement that You are aware that there can be limitations, but that all reasonable steps are taken to protect Your data. Cue do not pass Your personal information onto third parties for marketing purposes with Your consent.

General conditions

You acknowledge that Cue have no obligation to monitor any part of the Service provided, including without limitation, content posted by you or your Visitors. It is understood and agreed by You that Cue retain the right to monitor the Service and to disclose any information as necessary or appropriate to satisfy any law or regulation, to operate the Service properly, or to protect the Service.

We reserve the right to refuse to transmit or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that, in our sole discretion, we deem unacceptable, undesirable, inappropriate or in violation of any law or these Terms and Conditions.

If Your site or activities are unsuitable for the service, Cue has sole discretion and the right to terminate your Agreement. "Unsuitable" sites or activities may include sites that show or promote obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit activities, promote discrimination, promote illegal activities or fail to comply with the applicable law.

The use of Cue is solely for lawful purposes. In respect to this You agree to not use any type of spider or virus or any other codes or instructions that are designed to distort, damage or delete the Cue software.


There may be modifications to Cue, and every now and again you will receive notification and updates by email about any change to the service. Your usage of the updated or new versions of the Service confirms your acceptance of, and is also subject to, these Terms and Conditions.


You may terminate this Agreement your agreement with Cue with written notice at any time, with or without cause. All payments outstanding at the time of Your termination must be paid to Cue at the time of termination.

Cue may limit, suspend or terminate Your agreement upon giving written notice to you, and delete Your user account with immediate effect if there is cause to believe You are in breach of this agreement. In the case of termination, Your use of the service will cease immediately. As of then Cue will have no responsibility to forward any messages or information to you, your Visitors or any other third party.

Cue will not be liable in respect to any damage caused by the termination of this Agreement.

Limitation of liability

You agree that in no event will Cue, it’s directors, affiliates or employees be liable to any person for any indirect, incidental, special or consequencial damages (including without limitation and loss of data, damages for loss of business profits, computer failure, loss of data or business interruption of this nature) arising out of the use of Cue, it’s delivery and performance, even if Cue have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

As some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitations set out above, Cue’s liability will be limited as far as legally possible permitted by the applicable legislation.

Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge and agree that Geco Loco Ltd is the sole owner of the Service including without limitation, all applicable copyrights, patents and trademarks. You acknowledge that no title to the intellectual property in the Service is transferred to you upon using the service. You further acknowledge that title and full ownership rights to the Service will remain the exclusive property of Cue and you will not acquire any rights to the Service except as expressly set forth herein.