Cue – FAQ's

Account Queries

Can I try Cue out before signing up?

Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial which gives you full use of all Cue’s features.

What is the sign up process?

You sign up on the Cue website, choosing a username and password, and entering the details of the website you will be using Cue on. Shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation email, with a link to your Cue admin screen. The email will explain that within the settings section of your admin screen you will find the line of code enabling you to place Cue on your website.

Do I need technical experience to set it up on my website?

Not at all; you simply copy the simple code that we are going to provide you with, then paste it onto every page where you want to have your Cue chat window, immediately before the closing </body> tag.

What happens when one message comes in and there are multiple operators?

Whichever operator replies first, the chat is then only visible to them. The chat disappears from the other operators chat panels.

What happens if I am away from the screen or unable to chat?

You can change your status to unavailable, by clicking the on/off button on the top right of the panel.

How do I change my account from the free month trial to signing up to the paid account?

You will receive an email to notify you 3 days before your free trial is due to expire. Also when you log into Cue on the 3 last days of the trial period, a message will alert you to your free trial coming to an end.

How do I make my payments?

Payment can be made by Paypal and by all major credit cards. Payment is taken in advance on the start date of your billing cycle. We offer 4 choices of billing cycle:

Monthly €35
3 months €99 - availing of a €6 discount ( €33 per month)
6 months €180 – availing of a €30 discount (€30 per month)
Yearly €320 – availing of a €120 discount (€25 per month)

Can I stop my account at any time?

In the settings section you have manage your account. You have the option here to close your account.

Do I need different accounts for each website I use Cue on?

Yes, you must open a new account for each website you use it on. You can however, move Cue from one website to another. Use of one Cue account on multiple websites is disallowed by Cue’s terms and conditions.

Using Cue

Admin Action Panel

Once involved in a chat with a client there are a number of actions you can take on the admin action panel.

Record client details:

Once you find out any key information about the client, you can enter this onto the client’s records. To do this click the first icon on your admin actions panel – 'Record client details'. Here you can enter the client's name and key information. Once you have entered the clients name, the code number will be replaced by the name in all future conversations.

Tag this conversation:

Any key facts relating to the client and possible sales can be recorded as tags. To do this click on the second icon – 'Tag this conversation'. Here you can list key prompts to identify the client and conversation, and separate them with comma’s. The tags will help you find the client when doing searches through your database of clients with relation to a particular topic.

Delegate to another team member:

During your conversation with a client you may decide the client’s needs are better suited to another admin representative. By clicking the third icon – 'Delegate to another team member', a list of admin reps will be shown and by choosing an available operator the conversation moves to them.

Archive conversation:

Once you are finished the conversation you can archive it. To do this click on the fourth icon on your admin actions panel - 'Archive conversation transcript'.

Block this visitor:

For reasons such as inappropriate behaviour etc you can chose to block a user. While in conversation with them click the fifth icon on you admin actions panel – 'Block this visitor'. They will receive a notification saying ‘This conversation has been terminated’. If they attempt to start a conversation again it will be rejected.